Hero to Zero

Surrounded by ambitious, enthusiastic, determined people. Everyone is working hard, getting degrees, getting phd’s, getting married, eating goji berries, looking like Megan Fox, playing the oboe, representing their country and then there’s those who do all the above. Which is great, I salute you all.


Me, I’m the opposite. I went from the straight A*, international athlete who had more than 10 real friends to the slightly chubbs, goes home every weekend, hates you all, don’t know when I last spent money on makeup, oldest fresher ever.


And here’s my tips for those who have done life the wrong way round:


  • Don’t throw things at those who are good at life. It’s not their fault you’re a jealous ex-high achiever.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s a waste of time and energy and only ends in feeling inferior.
  • Lower your standards.
  • Expect nothing.
  • Celebrate the small things – I flicked my shoe over my bed and into the bin earlier – so rewarded myself with a cider.
  • Get at least 3 really regrettable tattoos – just so someone gets a laugh out of your downfall.
  • Don’t mourn the old you, your parents are probably doing enough pining over that young prodigy child for the both of you.



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