“I know, but I think”

Inspiration, a word to which the dictionary doesn’t do justice, is a powerful and life changing word. Lara Partridge wholly inspired this blog.

There are so many negatives in life, for example; mental illnesses, hate, substance abuse, grief, and lies – the list can go on forever. If you take many of them, the sentence “I know it’s irrational, but my thoughts can’t accept that” apply to almost all of them.

Take lying, you know that lies are wrong due to the guilt or shame in telling them, but there is something telling you that the truth will harm you or someone else – so lying is the best option.

Take depression, you know deep down that the lows will end, that life can’t always be this way, because life hasn’t always been this way. You know that the thoughts are unreasonable, you know the pain you go through every second is disconnected from reality. But there’s always something niggling away that thinks otherwise. You’re thoughts can be so powerful that they can overtake this basic knowledge. You know, but you think.

Please take what I’m saying with a pinch of salt – I’m very often wrong, I sure as hell don’t know everything, in fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t know anything and in reality, the shit in life which each person goes through are all so different.

This didn’t actually come from me at all – It was someone 5 years my junior that told me this. And this shows that “wisdom comes with age” is bollocks. This girl has inspired me, in one afternoon, more than anyone ever has.

Lara, you deal with more than I can ever imagine on a daily basis, but you wake up each morning and you battle. You fight inner demons every day, you fight external battles every day, but you’re spirit is so beautiful, so truthful and so knowledgeable. It takes one meaningful conversation with you to tell that you understand me and everyone else on a deeper level than most people do.

I may have left the Partridge household having lost my hair and eyebrows, but I gained so much more, including a will to write …and “I love to Boogie” going round and round my head.


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